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Name: Pete Wentz
LJ/AIM: xscenekingwentz
Occupation: Bassist, Fall Out Boy.
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Status: single
Icon for the members page: The one on my LJ
Example: Pete got into car and started the drive over to the hotel. He'd managed to make himself somewhat presentable, his hair straight and makeup perfect. As he turned on the windshield wipers, Pete couldn't help but think how fitting it was for it to rain on a goodbye. Once outside the hotel, he texted Patrick. 'outside of the hotel. xo -peterpan'
Oh. Screen name is wentz wants in.
Name: Zui Suicide
LJ/AIM: SuicideofZui/SkumbagZui
Occupation: Model
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: Up there
Example: Zui sighs, moving her leg literally a centimeter to the left. This photographer had been a bitch to her all day, and as she drapes herself around Audrey, she can't help but want to have a little fun. Sweeping her black and blue hair away from her face, she presses her mouth to Audrey's neck, watching the photographer's face as he gets ready to glare at her. She catches Audrey's eye and laughs.
Name: Frank Iero
LJ/AIM: francislero/ iero is a hero
Occupation: Rhythm Guitarist of My Chemical Romance
Sexuality: lol wouldnt you like to knowwww
Status: single...i guess.
Icon for the members page: i dont mind? whatever.

Frank nervously tapped his foot against the ground, impatiently waiting to run on stage and give the fans a show. His eyes settled on his shoes as he quietly laughed to himself. "Come on...come on.", was all he could say as the pace in his foot fastened. A small groan escaped Frank's lips as the minutes slowly went by. Frank found quite an interest in his shoe as he waited. "It's time!" was what killed the daydream. A smirk formed on his lips as he jumped up from his seat and ran towards the stage, ready to play his heart out.

Add everyone and join the subs plz!
Name: Gerard Way
LJ/AIM: geerad/gee rad way
Occupation: lead singer of My Chemical Romance
Sexuality: bisexual
Status: newly single
Icon for the members page: use my current default

"Hit on him?" Gerard asked inwardly with a questionable look, pausing before he sipped his coffee again to watch what Frank was doing. "It was one of those moments where I just woke up randomly and couldn't fall back asleep, then the damn cat noticed I was awake and decided to come bother me and nip at my hands and stuff. So after that I just got up and got dressed then decided to walk around the venue but was then attacked by rabid fan girls" he explained with a casual expression, adjusting his position by leaning forward resting his folded hands lazily on the table. "Nice to see you awake and drinking coke in the morning" he said in a complacent tone, grinning lowly with interest in his eyes.
Accepted. Please add the other members, kthnx. :)
Name: Mikey Way.
LJ/AIM: milkeywayy/mikeywayyyyyy
Occupation: Bassist of My Chemical Romance.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Status: Single.
Icon for the members page: My default.
Example: I hope it's okay to just take something from a fic I wrote? Haha:
“What did she ask when she called, then?” Mikey asks. Gerard knows what this means; when Mikey gets interested in something, he wants to play ‘detective.’ Mikey’s ears almost fucking perk up while he sits facing Gerard, one leg under the other. “Come on, tell!” He claps almost as if he’s excited about something, but it’s more of a ‘chop-chop’ clap; one you would give to a dog that isn’t moving fast enough during a walk down the street.
I can do past tense. But since it's from a fic, I kept it present like I wrote it.
Accepted! Add everyone plz!
Name: Vivid
LJ/AIM: Vivid_Suicide/Vividly Suicidal
Occupation: Model, painter, artist
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: The above is fine
Example: Vivid smirked, curling her legs up to her body and cradling the phone a little closer to her ear, making noises of acquiescence as she tries to get the lighting right on a painting. "Seriously, Zui... shut up." Vivid snorted as Zui squealed over getting told to shut up and ignored the rest of it.
Accepted. Add everyone and the comm!
Name: Shannon Leto
LJ/AIM: 30secondstoofar.livejournal.com, shandeanprose
Occupation: Drummer
Sexuality: Straight until someone persuades me not to be
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: My default
Example:Yes, it would be another evening spent at home alone, watching movies. Maybe when and if Jared got home they'd hang out, unless of course he brought the girl he was out with home. He made himself spaghetti with vegetarian sausage and then checked his video rack. Maybe he'd watch American Psycho for the millionth time. If he got bored he could always go out to the movies alone. He never minded that. Punk's Not Dead looked good. Being alone like this was his choice- he told himself that a hundred times a day. Girls were too crazy. Like this it was peaceful. He used to occassionally try to will the phone to ring, but eventually he realized....there was no one he was expecting to call.
Name: quinn allman
LJ/AIM: quinned hi this is quinn
Occupation: lead guitarist of the used
Sexuality: bisexual
Status: single
Icon for the members page: default
Example: Quinn gently swept the hair away from her eyes, swiftly brushing the length of her cheekbone with his fingertips. "You look beautiful," He then took her hand, lacing his fingers with hers. "But you always do." He smiled halfheartedly as she looked down, her cheeks a bright scarlet. He didn't mean what he said; this was only to get what he wanted to know out of her mouth. It killed him to know that this girl thought he meant what he said.
Accepted. Add everyone and the comms, please and thanks!
Name: Ryan Ross
LJ/AIM: camisadism / el cancer nuevo
Occupation: Guitarist/Lyricist, Panic! At The Disco
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: The one above.
Example: "Okay, so." Ryan leaned over the guitar in his lap to scratch out another line on the notepad. "Half of this song will be missing when we're done, you know," he sighed, reclining in his seat. With his bottom lip caught between his teeth, Ryan sat in silence until he finally looked over at Brendon, smiling. "But we can keep trying, right?" His grin kept on as he slowly plucked more strings, mumbling lyrics to himself, only stopping to watch Brendon nod in approval or switch the words written on the paper.
Accepted. Add the other characters and the comm, darling.
Name: Bob Bryar
LJ/AIM: bobgein/bobgein
Occupation: Drummer; My Chemical Romance
Sexuality: Bi
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: *points up top*
Example: Bob shoved his fingers through the holes of the chain linked fence, pressing his face into it as he stared down the people on the other side. "Hey," he mumbled to one of the ladies on the other side. "Does it look like I'm in prison?" She laughed, making him whine, "no. Seriously." She snorted, shaking her head and rolling her eyes making Bob stand back and cross his arms, a large pout on his face.
You be accepted!

Add everyone plz!
Name: Jepha Howard
LJ/AIM: supjephahowerd/jepha howerdz
Occupation: Bassist of The Used
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: Current default would be nice.
As Jepha was busy tuning his bass on his lap, awaiting for band rehearsal to come in order he noticed out of everyone in the room that Bert had not shown up. "Oh, this is just perfect." mumbled Jepha to himself as he continued tuning. Quinn had come up to him several minutes later to mention to him that Bert wasn't going to be able to make it to this rehearsal. "So, what's he up to?" Jepha questioned the confused Quinn. "I have no clue, he just called me a few minutes ago to tell me he can't show" Quinn answered.
Accepted! Add everyone and the comms, please and thanks!

Name: Oliver Sykes
LJ/AIM: dropdead_oli / olis horizon
Occupation: Lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon
Sexuality: Gay
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: Look upwards. ^
Example: oli leaned back, his cheek pressed against glass as he looked outside at the passing scenery, reaching out the half open window to ash his ciggarette, nursing it more and clearing his throat, sighing and puffing up his cheeks, looking over at a couple of his bandmates sitting next to him, shaking his head "man, fuck america."
Accepted dollface!

Add everyone Thnx!
Name: Stacy Dupree
LJ/AIM: stacysmiles/hey stacy dupree
Occupation: Singer/keys of the band Eisley.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Status: Single.
Icon for the members page: Look above please :]
Stacy was practicing and humming the lyrics of Golly Sandra to herself as she waited for her siblings to arrive. She smiled to herself as she continued practicing. "Just perfect" she smiled and spotted Sherri standing in front of her "Hey kiddo!" Sherri joked "Hey Sher," she responded to the very ill-humored remark. "Where's the rest of them?" She asked putting some finishing touches on her keyboard for the show that night in some bar. "Oh, around. I only came with myself though" She smiled at her younger sister "and what are you doing?" she asked Stacy through curious eyes "Oh, nothing" Stacy smiled through worried eyes.

You know the drill.

Robbin Gaves
graverobbin robbin digs
Ex Gods Girl, alternative model, hairdresser
bi occasional

paperelements on GJ.
Accepted.Of course.You know I love you.
Do I really have to do this? I mean really...hahaha :)
APP. Okay I will because I'm bored.
Name: Brittany Kramer
LJ/AIM: this is my lj aim is bwitnee krama
Occupation: myspace queen and model!
Sexuality: Straight until you get me drunk enough.
Status: Single and lovin' it.
Icon for the members page: This one!
Example: I had been laying in bed for hours with no intention to get out of bed. Slowly, I rolled my body over and groaned into my pillow. My phone started ringing on my bedside table. I grabbed the phone and saw a number I didn't recognize. "Hello?" I questioned only to be greeted by quite a familiar voice.
Name: Quinne Suicide
LJ/AIM: piratedreads/quinne inthesun
Occupation: Suicidegirl.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Status: Single.
Icon for the members page: The one up there.

You know the drill.
Name: Mikey Way
LJ/AIM: MikeyWayToGo/Mikey Way To Go
Occupation: Bassist of My Chemical Romance
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Married
Icon for the members page: Upstairs
Example: Mikey grinned, scratching Bunny's ears and kissing her nose. He was waiting for Alicia to finish up in the shower, and she was taking pretty much forever. He curled onto his side, trying not to displace Bunny, who was on his stomach. She wound up curled against his chest, and he continued to pet her, crooning to her as one would a baby.

You know what to do!
Name: Lacey Mosley.
LJ/AIM: hilacey/lnm is fly
Occupation: Sings in the band Flyleaf.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Status: Single.
Icon for the members page: Above.
Example: Lacey threw on her size small sweater and pushed her greasy black hair out of her eyes. She smiled as she looked in the mirror at her tiny figure, as James came up behind her and put his head on her shoulder. "Come on, you look great" he complimented her and she smiled grabbing her car keys and walking out the door.
Add everyone and the comms, please and thanks.
Name: Jac Vanek
LJ/AIM: hijac | jacking vanek
Occupation: Model.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single.
Icon for the members page: Default
Add everyone and the comms, please and thanks.
Name: David Desrosiers
LJ/AIM: lj is ddaavid_sp
aim is mothafkkn david
Occupation: Bassist of Simple Plan
Sexuality: Straight!!!
Status: Single and readay to mingle.
Icon for the members page: this one.
Example: I haven't slept in days and my head feels like it's about to blow up. Even though I feel like complete and utter shit, there is a plus side to this. I've made written some fucking awesome songs. But tonight I have plans. Ohhh yes, I'm going to get fucked up and get laid.

Lmao@ "Single and readay to mingle"

Oh sita.


Name: Alaina Beaton
LJ/AIM: xporcelaindoll / beaton to death
Occupation: Lead singer of Porcelain and The Tramps
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Icon for the members page: This one
Example: This another character I have on a site. I'm too lazy to do another one..
Disgust. It was now the feeling the had started to fill her body, every inch, from head to toe. Disgusted at the fact that she was still in his bed. Disgusted at the fact the she had let attraction take over her body. Disgusted at the feelings that were confusing her everyday, even at this very moment. She was wrong to think that life could be normal even with these nights alone with Oliver. She had always thought that things would work out in the end. No, she was just fucking everything up and it was so obvious, she just didn't want to see it. Sadness wiped away all the disgust and filled it in with the wanting to cry. This was awful. Excusing herself was starting to look better and better. She moved so that she could see over her shoulder, to look at him. It was hard to tell, but it looked as if he was watching her. She looked back at the wall. Priscilla nibbled on her lip, holding in the tears. Crying. The thought of showing any emotion other than hatred to Oliver was sickening and she was starting to feel a bit sick again. She took another glance at him. It was obvious. The hatred was just a disguise, so she wouldn't have to own up to her real feelings. She didn't hate Oliver, not in the least, she actually sort of liked him. The urge to cry got stronger. It was like getting slapped in the face and getting told that most of her life was pretty much a lie. If all this clan stuff didn't exist, if this stuff was all just some scary story parents told their kids, maybe she would even be happy with these feelings. Maybe she and Oliver could actually have a normal relationship, maybe it could be just one or the other. Love or hate. But not both.

Re: App


Yay! I've wanted an Alaina for along time!

Welcome, add everyone and the subs.

Name: Bam Margera
LJ/AIM: brancmargera bam is filthy
Occupation: skater/actor/director/jackass
Sexuality: bi
Status: single
Icon for the members page: look up
Example: i play oli. yaay!
Accepted, you know what to do!
Name: Pete Wentz
LJ/AIM: peterkingwentz//peterkingwentz
Occupation: Scene king bassist for Fall Out Boy
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Icon for the members page:
Example: Pete sighed, and slumped down on the couch. He kissed the top of Hemingway's head and murmured, "You'll never leave me, right, Hemmy? You won't be a phony." He smoothed his hand over the dog's fur and closed his eyes, picturing how happy he was onstage.

Please give us an icon for the members page.
Name: Becky Filip
LJ/AIM: beckflips / dear bfilip
Occupation: Singer, musician, guitarist.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Status: Single.
Icon for the members page: Default.
Name: Brendon Urie
LJ/AIM: bden_got_back / Uh Oh Urie
Occupation: Singer for Panic! At The Disco
Sexuality: Gayy
Status: Single
Icon for the members page:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Example: Brendon stretched on the bed with a yawn, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He grabbed his sidekick from the nightstand to check the time; 6:30 a.m. It was early, but they'd be leaving the hotel soon anyway to play their next show. He got up and walked over to the window, pushing the curtains out of the way. Pressing his palm to the glass, he let out a small sigh, watching as it fogged up the window. "I can't wait to go home."
Accepted. Add the comm and sub comms, please and thanks.
Have fun :)
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