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scenesters_rpg's Journal

Scene Queens and Kings RPG
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Hello! Welcome to Scenesters! We are a role playing community. Nothing here is real. We are simply pretending to be some of our favorite famous people. You obviously cannot play your best friend. But you can play your favorite scene queen or king [Such as- models,band members,ect.].We are friendly, laid back, and up for anything. Enjoy yourself, read the rules and see how you like us! If you do, please apply for any character that isnt taken. And remember[!] just because the person you want to play isn't on the wanted list doesnt mean you can't apply for them! But please, don't apply for anyone like; Justin Timberlake, Britany Spears, Mandy Moore or any other people like that [except maybe Paris and Nicole.Come on! They're funny!]. Thanks!

B - hannahbethiboo AIM-Hey its missbeth / Chas - wmhc_a_pain AIM-Alliepain

1.READ THE FUCKING RULES BEFORE APPLYING! We'll know if you haven't.If you ignore us, Chas will curbstomp you and B will break your knee caps. Is it really worth it?
2.Know your character.You obviously can't know everything. But birthdays, job, where they are from, age, ect.
3.This is a SLASH community. That doesn't mean your character has to be gay.Bisexual/Straight/Gay it doesnt matter. But it does mean, if you aren't down with homosexuality...You should probably leave now.You might catch the gay.
4.You must update every 2 weeks. If you don't, you'll get a warning. =[ no fun. You then have a week to update and if you don't...well you're out.Sorry.
5.Keep OOC and IC seperate plz.kthnx
6.Don't type like an idiot.If you cant spell YOU correctly, you might want to take your gig somewhere else.Sorry, no dice.
7. You can have up to 5 characters.This doesn't mean you should just load up on them just for kicks. Play as many as you feel you can handle.
8. Most people here do storybook style RPG. Please dont RP like this; *kisses you and looks down to watch our hips collide* As silly as it sounds, people do it.
9. Before your character gets married, pregnant, commits suicide, ect. please tell a mod.
10. Please dont kill your character off. Then no one can pick them up.That's not really fair now, is it? Just kindly leave us a post in the OOC community telling us you're gonna drop them.
11.Make an intro post. We all want to know who you are!
12. Manpregs are not welcome here. It's just stupid. Which, leads me to the next rule.
13. Be realistic! This isnt BATMAN VS SUPERMAN RP.
14. Make your storyline interesting. No body lives happily ever after, now do they?
15. Put "Let's get some shoes, betch!" so we know you've read the rules!
16. Everything in Italics is personal. Which means, YOU can read it. But your character CANNOT.
17.Have fun!

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